What is the difference between the Traveler Series Watercolor Package and the Advanced Series Watercolor Package?

  • The Traveler Series comes with a Traveler Tripod Shelf with a folding Palette.
  • The Advanced Series comes with a Watercolor Palette shelf with cover.
  • The Traveler Series comes with a small collapsible water cup.
  • The Advanced Series comes with a collapsible water pot.
  • The Traveler Series comes with a lightweight Slik U874 Tripod.
  • The Advanced Series comes with a medium duty Slik U8000 Tripod.
  • The Traveler Series comes with an oversize backpack.
  • The Advanced Series comes with an expandable duffel-style Carry-All Bag.
  • The weight of the Traveler Series is 8lbs.
  • The weight of the Advanced Series is 8.5lbs.

What is the difference between the Advanced Series Oil & Acrylic Package and the Professional Series Oil & Acrylic Package?

The difference is the size and features of the palettes.
The other components included in the packages are the same.

The Advanced Series Oil & Acrylic is a smaller palette with one slide out shelf and has an Abrasion Resistant Surface.

  • Dimensions – 15.25” x 9.5”
  • 144 square inches of mixing area
  • Working surface is a 1/8” layer of clear abrasion resistant acrylic
  • Underneath the working surface is a built in value scale
  • Palette Slide out Shelf has 6 holes for brushes and is made of tough PVC
  • Palette Weight - 2.8lbs./1.27kg.

The Professional Series Oil & Acrylic is a larger palette with two slide out shelves.

This palette is offered with your choice of an Abrasion Resistant Surface or a Tempered Glass Surface.

  • Dimensions – 18.5” x 9”
  • 166 square inches of mixing area
  • Abrasion Resistant working surface is a 1/8” layer of clear acrylic
  • Tempered Glass working surface is 1/8” thick
  • Underneath both the Abrasion Resistant and Tempered Glass surfaces is a built in value scale
  • Palette Slide-out Shelves have 7 holes for brushes in each shelf and are made of ABS Plastic
  • Palette Weight - 3.10lbs./1.41kg. - Abrasion Resistant Option
  • Palette Weight - 4.13lbs./1.88kg. - Tempered Glass Option

What is the difference in Easels?

*Our Traveler Series Watercolor Package and our Advanced Series Watercolor Package come with the same size easel
(12.25 x 15.75).  Perfect for holding 1/4” size sheets.

*Our Advanced Series Oil & Acrylic Package and our Professional Series Oil & Acrylic Package come with our Professional Panel Holder which accommodates canvas panels or stretched canvas up to 22” tall or as small as 6”x 8”.

Can I do ½ sheet Watercolors?

Yes.  One method is to tape the paper to a piece of Gatorboard and clamp it to the easel using a couple of clothespin type clamps.

What should I order if I want to do both Watercolor and Oil & Acrylic?

We recommend ordering either our Advanced Series Oil & Acrylic Package or our Professional Series Oil & Acrylic Package then adding our Advanced Series Watercolor Palette Shelf with Cover (see this item in Palettes tab.)

If you want to go with a smaller option for the watercolor addition to the packages above, order our Traveler Tripod Shelf (see item in Single Items Tab) with the Traveler Folding Plastic Palette (see item in the Palettes tab.)

Can I order by phone?

Yes.  Use the “Contact Us” tab to send us your name and phone number and a  preferred time to return your call between 9:00am-4:30pm (Central Standard Time) Monday through Friday, or you are welcome to phone us directly at 214-742-6036.

What payment methods do you offer?

At online checkout you will see we offer payment options with Amazon Pay, PayPal, and All major Credit Cards. 

When will my order ship?

Orders will typically ship two to five business days via FedEx or USPS. Once the shipment is processed, you will receive the tracking information in your email.  In the event your package does not ship out during that period, please contact us through email (info@enpleinairpro.com)  or our office phone number (214-742-6036).

(Please note, with the events of last year and this present time, we are experiencing the unexpected effects of the supply chain and greatly appreciate your patience!)

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. Our company ships world-wide. We use FedEx Priority International or USPS Priority Mail International.  Shipping costs are determined by your location and the weight and size of your order.  If you would like, please send us an email (use the “Contact Us” tab) with the item(s) your are interested in, plus a complete shipping address, and we will email you a quote.  Please know that the shipping cost we quote you will not reflect any additional taxes or duty imposed by your government. 

Updated Policy for International Customers:
Due to recent changes in international shipping, we will be requiring a credit card to hold on the chance that taxes, and duties are charged to En Plein Air Pro on behalf of the customer. No charges will be implemented unless we receive an invoice from our shipping broker. If this occurs, we will send the customer the shipping bill and documentation to ensure that the customer is only being charged what was billed to En Plein Air Pro. Thank you for understanding. Please contact us at info@enpleinairpro.com or (214)-742-6036. 

Do you have stores, stockists or distributors outside of the United States?

No.  At this time, we are an online business only located in Dallas, Texas, USA.


What is En Plein Air Pro's Warranty and Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with any of our products for ANY reason, please feel free to  return the unused item(s) within 30 days.  Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer for all merchandise returned for any reason other  than En Plein Air Pro's error, damage or defect.  Write us a note on the reverse  side of your packing list advising us of the reason for the return.  Once we receive the returned item(s) in good condition, we will refund the retail price of the merchandise only. Taxes are refunded, but shipping will not be refunded. We do charge a 25% restocking fee. 

If you are returning a damaged or defective item(s) in your order, please contact  us at info@enpleinairpro.com as soon as possible.  A return authorization must be coordinated with us before any damaged or defective merchandise is returned to us, otherwise shipping charges will not be refunded.

We will replace or repair a defective easel, palette, tripod shelf or panel holder within 1 year from date of purchase. We have a 180 day warranty on tripods.

When returning an item please address the package to:

          En Plein Air Pro
          Attn:  Returns Dept.
          1010 Levee Street
          Dallas, TX  75207