The En Plein Air Pro Traveler Series

Super Light and Compact

Whether you are flying off to a workshop in France, or hiking the trails on a solo adventure, you can now bring your studio with you. Don’t let it’s light weight fool you though, this set up is rugged, sets up in minutes, and gives you a secure work platform.

The Traveler is designed to travel — It’s so compact, it can fit under the seat on an airplane, so say bye-bye to those extra baggage fees.

The thoughtful design features a retractable brush holder sized to hold the most popular watercolor brushes, and a retractable water pail hook, and converts to a table easel with the included table leg. (leg held by magnetic catch on the back). The easel connects easily to a standard camera mount tripod using a quick release. There is also a palette tray which attaches to the legs of your tripod.


Easel……………………………….. $79.00
Shelf ………………………………… $37.95
Backpack ………………………….. $34.95
Palette + Collapsible Cup …… $10.90
Tripod ……………………………….  $42.95
Total Purchased Separately …$205.75




This 12.25” x 15.75” easel is perfect for holding 1/4 sheets. It fits in a small back pack or laptop-sized case for easy transport or storage. Designed to attach to a standard camera mount tripod (sold separately), this easel is constructed of rugged ABS plastic. If it breaks through normal usage, we will replace it free!

The working surface angle on the En Plein Air Pro can be easily adjusted from flat to vertical by using the tripod (not included).

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No clamps or brackets – simply drops on the  legs of the Sunpak 2001 tripod.
Measures 15.75” x 10.5” x 1”. Made of 1/4” ABS.

Has a hole for a plastic water cup and clips for trash bag. Shelf height from the ground is 27” when tripod is fully extended. (Folding Palette and cup not included)

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Two Hole Shelf  – $37.95

Designed as a secondary shelf for the artist that needs extra shelf space. This shelf fits below and to the left or right of our other shelf or palettes. Can be used with our Watercolor systems or with the Oil & Acrylic systems.

The shelf measures 15.75″ x 10.5″ and is made of 1/4″ ABS.  It has 2- 3.25″ holes for a water cup or turps jar and 10 brush holder holes.

Fits most tripods with 1″ – 1 1/8″ diameter legs ( round or rectangular)

The 2 hole shelf weight 1 lb 3oz.

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Measures 20 x 13.5 x 8, made of tough 600D Cordera, this backpack carry-on holds everything, including the tripod. It features padded backpack straps and side compression straps.
It has multiple exterior pockets to hold your palette, brush roll, collapsible water pail, water color block, clamps, etc.

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This Richeson small folding watercolor palette is affordably priced and a great option for your watercolors. Built to be durable, this palette will last for many uses with proper care. Offers 18 wells to hold color. It is small enough to be transported in a briefcase or backpack easily. The deep wells are a great choice for brushes of all sizes including larger brushes. Deep wells allow you to get more color with less effort. The lid will keep your watercolors protected when you aren’t using them. One of the top watercolor palettes available anywhere and a great option for new and experienced watercolor artists.

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Top rated tripod features 3-section legs, quick-lock levers and locking braces. Extends to 48.9” and closes to 19.7” to fit in the backpack!

Tripod comes with extra quick-disconnect shoes so you can use it with your camera.

Legs are easily adjustable for painters who prefer to sit while painting.

Super lightweight at just 2.3lbs

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