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Studio Sketch Sale

It’s not unusual for me to paint six to eight studies for each newsletter that I write. From those pieces, I select the two or three that best demonstrate the message for that particular newsletter. As a result, I’ve amassed a collection of sketchbooks full of these small watercolor studies.

Several of you have recently emailed me to inquire whether I had any small studies that you could purchase. So I have decided to make some of these studio sketches available. Because they are studies, I’ve priced them at about what my workshop demonstration paintings would be, which is considerably lower than my gallery prices. Puchase on line using Pay-Pal, or Credit Card.

You may recognize some of these pieces from past newsletters, but each painting demonstrates one or more principles that we have covered over the last couple of years. Each painting comes in a two inch, off-white mat.


Watercolor sketches on paper.

Price includes a two inch wide off-white mat. Standard shipping is $10, and express shipping is available for $25.
For shipping outside the US, please contact Eric.

Click on any painting to view larger

Tidal Flats
9 X 12 $260

Cantabrian Hillside
9 x 12 $250

Umbrian Farm
9 x 12 $250

Vase with Pears
9 x 12 $250 -SOLD


Monterrey Coast
9 x 11 $225

Winter Barn Sketch
5.5 x 9 $115

Winter Fields
9 x 12 $250

Winter Sage
7.5 x 11 $190

French Chateau
11 x 8 $200

Low Bridge Burgandy
12 x 9 $250

San Cristobal
5.5 x 9 $115

Santo Tomas
9 x 12 $250

Scottish Castle
9 x 12 $250

Spanish Boats
9 x 12 $250

Pueblo Sanabria, Spain
5.5 x 9 $115

Miner's Cabin
9 x 12 $250

Mountain Village
7.5 x 11 $190

Stonewall Winter
9 x 12 $250