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Watercolor Sketchbook Gallery

"Welcome to a sneak peek at my watercolor sketchbook. Here are a few paintings from my many travels. No matter what studio medium you work in, this is a fabulously easy way to gather data while you travel domestically or abroad. You can't beat the portability and convenience, and, most importantly - it's fun! You can do this! Just grab a "En Plein Air Pro" easel, a few tubes of paint and some brushes - toss them in a daypack, and you're off to the great adventure of plein air watercolor painting. Enjoy!"

--Eric Michaels

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Winter in the San Juans

Path to the Temple - Bali

Flamenco Dancer - Spain


El Transparente - Toledo, Spain


Street Scene Granada

Na Bloom

Fez - Morocco


Girvan Harbor - Scotland


Wedding Night - Batopilas, Mexico


River Clune - Scotland


La Primavera


Shark Tooth Cove


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