Professional Series’ Oil or Water-Based Painting Palette

The Standard ‘Professional Series’ Oil or Water-based Painting Palette has a clear PETG materialworking surface measuring 9”x18.5”. This surface resists scratching and cleans up easily with a paper towel moistened with turps. The neutral grey background of the palette and built in value scale make mixing colors easier.

The palette also features 2 slide out shelves. One has a 3” hole for a turps jar and 10 brush holes of assorted sizes. A handy place for a roll of towels, viewfinder, thumbnail sketch, palette knife, etc. We didn’t compromise on strength when designing for lightness. The palette frame and shelves are constructed from sturdy ABS. The cover is 1/4” thick grey PVC. Aluminum plates increase stability when palette is mounted on SLIK U8000 tripod.

The palette cover also doubles as a palette ‘shade’. It is held in a vertical position by a retractable bungee cord and works with any tripod. Palette/shelves/cover weigh only 3lbs. 13 oz.

The turps jar is made of lightweight, PPG impact resistant plastic and comes equipped with a butyl rubber gasket and a locking lid. The jar fits neatly into the slide out shelf hole for easy access (left or right) and holds 7 oz. No more hanging/swinging turps containers!!! Turps container weighs 4oz.

Price: $170