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Professional Series Oil & Acrylic Easel--

So easy, so convenient ... just set up and paint!
Holds Large Canvases Securely

This new ‘Professional Series’ oil or acrylic painting easel is designed for painters who paint larger than 16x12, yet it will still hold a 6x8 when needed. The innovative panel holder is a structural aluminum channel with ABS brackets. It will hold panels or stretched canvas up to 22” vertically. It mounts on the SLIK U8000 Tripod with a quick disconnect shoe (included). We paired the panel holder with this medium duty tripod for its wide stance with increased stability.

The panel holder doubles as a single wet painting carrier when you are finished. Simply unlatch the quick disconnect shoe from the tripod mount. The holder brackets remain securely in place, allowing you to carry a wet painting with one hand.

Maximum height to top of panel or canvas is approximate 72”. Tripod easily adjusts for a sitting painter. The weight of the panel holder is 1lbs. 3oz.

Perfect for traditional oil painting, water-soluble oils or acrylic painting.

Your Studio At Your Finger Tips

The ‘Professional Series’ oil or water-based painting palette’s working surface (9”x18.5”) is a layer of clear PETG material (not acrylic). This surface resists scratching and cleans up easily with a paper towel moistened with turps. The neutral grey background of the palette and built in value scale make mixing colors easier.

The palette also features 2 slide out shelves. One has a 3” hole for a turps jar and 10 brush holes of assorted sizes. A handy place for a roll of towels, viewfinder, thumbnail sketch, palette knife, etc. We didn't compromise on strength when designing for lightness. The palette frame and shelves are constructed from sturdy ABS. The cover is 1/4” thick grey PVC. Aluminum plates increase stability when palette is mounted on SLIK U8000 tripod.

The palette cover also doubles as a palette ‘shade’. It is held in a vertical position by a retractable bungee cord and works with any tripod. Palette/shelves/cover weigh only 3lbs. 12 oz. Height of palette mounted on tripod is 35”.

The turps jar is made of lightweight, PPG impact resistant plastic and comes equipped with a butyl rubber gasket and a locking lid. The jar fits neatly into the slide out shelf hole for easy access (left or right) and holds 7 oz. No more hanging/swinging turps containers!!! Turps container weighs 4oz.

Lightweight and Portable

Whether you set up a few feet from your car, trek through the wilderness, or navigate the urban jungle to find your subjects, you will appreciate the light weight and ease of use of this set up.

The panel holder, palette, SLIK U8000 tripod, and turps jar weigh a SUPERLIGHT 8lbs. 8oz!

The complete ‘Professional Series’ oil painting easel (including tripod) easily fits in the Everest Backpack with plenty of room for ALL of your extras. Backpack is 13.5” x 24” x 8” with a volume of 2930 Cu. In/48L. Heavy padded back panel,padded shoulder and waist strap makes carrying your gear easy. En Plein Air Pro aluminum bag tag included. Backpack weighs 2lbs. 8oz

Download the Professional Series Oil Painting Easel PDF Brochure order

Order yours today. The complete package price is $324.95

Expert Review

Michael Chesley Johnson reviewed the En Plein Air Pro Professional Series Oil Easel in his Painting Tips and Techniques blog on April 3, 2016. There is even a great video of setting it up. Check out Michael’s blog here.

"I love the quick set up and pack-away. The fact I can carry EVERYTHING in the lightweight backpack is now a must for me. I can avoiding a rolling cart when trekking through rough terrain! I painted for twelve days in the Tetons, and NOTHING fell off or broke off this set-up. It is well designed, and well built with very durable materials; I was not disappointed at all.

It makes for an especially a rapid set up if your palette colors are in place before hand. I could focus on capturing my intended image immediately. It has a sweet feature of just fitting the slotted box on the tripod, and a sturdy and simple placement of a the panel (or canvas) on the vertical panel holder. It can accommodate a super range of sizes, all the while maintaining a steady hold, with no worry of a flimsy feel."

John Cook
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