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More Products to Expand Your Outdoor Painting Horizons


NEW! The French Insider Folding Palette

At last a folding palette that fits INSIDE YOUR FRENCH EASEL !! The palette easily slides into the drawer of full size french easels such as Mabef/Julian/and others.

Our new palette is constructed of sturdy PVC sheet (not wood-that can warp or crack) and sturdy metal piano hinges.

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french insider




Oil & Acrylic Painter's Self

Easy and lightweight to pack and go! The tray is constructed of 1/4" tough ABS. No clamps or brackets --simply drops onto a tripod (fits most tripods with 1" diameter legs). Its more than a handy shelf, this well thought out tray has a hole for turps can and brushes, clips for trash bag and paper towel holder. Sturdy enough to hold a medium size pastel box. patent pending $34.95

Plein Air Painting Panels

Oil and Acrylic Premium Linen Painting Panels. Designed By Artists -- For Artists

In the field or in the studio, these archival panels offer a lightweight, and durable surface for your work. With a variety of supports, and linen surfaces to chose from, you will find exactly what you need for your style of painting.
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Studio Palette

Made of 1/4” PVC sheet and 3/16” thick tempered glass, this palette is perfect for the studio painter.

Palette features built in value scale, 12 brush holders and room for a large turps can. Overall dimension is 16x36x2. $149.95

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Adjustable Panel Holder

Hold your panels safely and securely while minimizing space. With these adjustable panel holders, there is no more propping paintings against the wall, no more wet panels sticking together. They are perfect for transporting wet canvases or panels from the field to the studio or home. $37.00
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