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Advanced Series Oil and Acrylic Easels
--Especially Designed for Outdoor Use

Designed By Artists For Artists

The En Plein Air Pro’s ‘Advanced Series’ Oil and Acrylic Easel handles canvas panels or stretched canvas up to 16” x 12” or down to 6” x 8” (the most popular range for outdoor painting). The easel and adjustable panel holder are made of tough ABS material (not wood which can warp or crack). A handy Table Leg (included) converts this easel to a table easel for studio or hotel room use. Max height to center of panel or canvas is 58". Tripod easily adjusts for a sitting painter.



The Advanced Series’ Oil and Acrylic Palette is lightweight, functional, and truly unique. Our Palette Frame is constructed of tough thermoformed 1/4” ABS material and features a 6 hole brush holder. The mixing surface is a neutral gray PVC, ideal for color mixing comparisons in outdoor light. At 15.25” x 9.5”, this palette offers over 144 sq. in. of mixing area. Aluminum Plates on the tripod leg attachments increase stability. The working surface is a layer of clear PETG (not acrylic). Surface resists scratching and cleans up with a paper towel moistened with turps. Underneath the PETG is a built in value scale.       Max height to top of palette = 37".

The thoughtful design incorporates a grey PVC slide on cover that allows transport of wet paint to and from the field. On location, flip the cover over and slide underneath, and you have an extra shelf with a 3" hole for the PPG plastic, lock-tight turps jar. Turps jar is made of lightweight PPG plastic (not glass). Comes equipped with a butyl rubber gasket and a locking lid. The jar drops into the palette cover hole for easy access and holds 7 oz. No more hanging /swinging turps containers !!

The Slide Out Side Shelf is our newest innovation. Made of 6mm grey PVC, this shelf is the perfect place to lay your palette knife or your ‘thumbnail sketch’, or cups for painting mediums, oil, etc.. Shelf will fit on either side of palette and has extra holes for brushes. Included is a “clothespin” clamp to be placed on tripod leg-opposite of the sliding shelf. Max. height to top of palette is 37"

The palette, cover and turps jar have a total weight of 2 lbs. 2 oz.

Secure Mounting - Stable Work Surface

The Easel is equipped with a 1/4”, 20 thread mount. This is a standard mount on all photographic tripods. Our vertical mounting design eliminates the “top-heavy rocking” that can occur in other tripod/pochade box set-ups. It attaches easily with a quick-connect shoe included with the SLIK U8000 Tripod. The U8000 is a full-size medium duty with a wide stance for increased stability in the field.     Tripod closes to 23.25” and weighs just 3 lbs-5 oz.

Convenient Carry-All Bag

The easel, panel holder, oil and acrylic palette, turps jar, slide out shelf and tripod all fit neatly inside the ‘Advanced Series’ Carry-All Bag, with plenty of room for paints, brushes, and more. The heavy-duty Cordura bag, measures 12”H x 27”W x 12”D , features 3 exterior pockets and a shoulder strap. The total weight of easel, palette and tripod is a super light 8 lbs-5 oz. Perfect for painting workshops, travel, or a quick day painting outside. Set up is so fast and simple, you are ready to paint in no time.

The new ‘Advanced Series’ Oil and Acrylic System keeps you ready for any painting adventure.  

“Whether you are exploring the back country of America or the back roads of Europe, this lightweight ‘Oil and Acrylic Easel System’ will meet the needs of the most adventurous painter.”
– Eric Michaels NWS, OPA & PSA

oil easel

“Advanced Series” Oil & Acrylic System Package

• Advanced Series Easel, Panel Holder,Table Leg
• Oil & Acrylic Palette Shelf with Cover & Sliding Shelf
• 7 oz. Turps Jar
• Slik U8000 Tripod 
• Cordura Carry-All Bag 

Package Price -- Save 25%


easel combo

Oil & Acrylic Combo

Already have a tripod? Then our combo package may be just what you need. It comes with:

• Advanced Series Easel, Panel Holder, Table Leg
• Oil & Acrylic Palette Shelf with Cover & Sliding Shelf
• 7 oz. Turps Jar



Oil & Acrylic Retrofit

Modify your existing En Plein Air Pro watercolor easel. Our retrofit works with the Advanced Series Watercolor Easel.

• Panel Holder
• Oil & Acrylic Palette Shelf w/Cover & Sliding Shelf
• 7 oz. Turps Jar


Palette Cover w/Sliding Shelf

Retrofit for our Oil & Acrylic Palette


You may also download a PDF Brochure 


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