Advanced Series Watercolor Easel

The Advanced Series includes a  easel large enough for ¼ sheets and our brand new “Advanced Series” Watercolor Palette Shelf with cover.

It offers convenient and thoughtful features like a brush holder, palette tray, water bucket and table top adapter. Yet it all folds neatly into a compact carrying bag.The easel easily adjusts from flat to vertical for all your painting needs.

The En Plein Air Pro is super lightweight, portable and assembles in minutes!

Imagine where you can go………

Evelyn Dunphy took her En Plein Air Pro to Cuba.

David Crowell at the Great Wall of China

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Advanced Series Package – $179.95

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Items Sold Separately:

Advanced Series Easel $79.00
Palette Shelf with Cover 66.95
Table Leg 2.95
Tripod 46.95
Bag 36.95
Total $232.80
Package Price $179.95

Advanced Series Watercolor Easel    $79

Our new “Advanced Series” Easel is perfect for 1/4 sheets 12.25” x 15.75”

The perfect size for one quarter sheets. It still has a retractable brush holder, water pail hook and photo-tripod mounting system. The painting surface is easily tilted from flat to vertical. Made of rugged ABS plastic, it’s built to withstand many years of outdoor use. 1lb. 5oz.

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Advanced Series
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Advanced Series Watercolor Palette Shelf with Cover   $66.95

With over 80 square inches of mixing wells, our new Advanced Series Watercolor Palette Shelf is like having a studio palette in the field.

Unlike other lightweight plastic palettes on the market that quickly become brittle with use, the Advanced Series Watercolor Palette Shelf is made of heavy duty ABS thermoformed material (not brittle styrene plastic).

Sized 11.5” x 16” x 3mm – it has two large mixing reservoirs, 14 generous sized paint wells, a 3” diameter hole for a water cup, and slots to accept the collapsible water pail that comes with every shelf.

The adjustable tab system allows the Advance Series Watercolor Palette Shelf to be mounted on tripods with different leg diameters. Legs can be round or square. The palette lays flat on a table so you can also use it as a studio palette.

The Advanced Series Palette Shelf comes with a grey 3mm PVC cover for transporting it to and from the field.

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Two Hole Shelf  – $37.95

Designed as a secondary shelf for the artist that needs extra shelf space. This shelf fits below and to the left or right of our other shelf or palettes. Can be used with our Watercolor systems or with the Oil & Acrylic systems.

The shelf measures 15.75″ x 10.5″ and is made of 1/4″ ABS.  It has 2- 3.25″ holes for a water cup or turps jar and 10 brush holder holes.

Fits most tripods with 1″ – 1 1/8″ diameter legs ( round or rectangular)

The 2 hole shelf weight 1 lb 3oz.

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Slik U8000 Tripod  – $46.95

This is a full-sized medium duty tripod. This sturdy, lightweight (3.5 lbs)tripod folds to 23.25”.

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Easel Table Leg – $2.95

Converts the watercolor easel to a table easel.

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Advanced Series Carry-All Bag – $36.95

“It all fits in the bag !” Easel, tripod, watercolor palette shelf, water pail,your paints, brushes, water bottle, watercolor book and more…all fits in our expandable bag made of heavy duty Cordura. It has three large exterior pockets and a shoulder strap. 27”W x 12”H x 12”D – 2.3 lbs

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